Vector Art Tribute to GeekTyrant and Other Geek Blogs by Orlando Arocena

Artist Orlando Arocena has created an amazingly awesome series of geek pop culture art that was inspired by many of the websites he visits. Those sites include GeekTyrant, Geeky Nerfherder, Crome Yellow, I Got Birds, Poster Posse, We Geek Girls, Xombie Dirge, and Blurppy. All of the illustrations here are fantastic, and I especially love the piece that he did for our own site. Thanks Orlando, it's awesome! 

This is a note from the artist:

2014 was an INCREDIBLE year for me!
I took a year off from my Vector Fine Art, and took a risk to explore the cinema pop-culture scene.
Pushed myself creatively as far as I thought I could go, but found myself going further than expected, greatly due to YOUR SUPPORT, and the support of many online Pop-culture/ Geek blogs and on-line destinations. Made MANY friends.
Here's my vector way of saying "Thank You", with a creative vector parody tribute - some associated with the silver screen, others a more personal interpretation.
Please forgive me if you don't see your page represented - there's only so much I can do in just 5 days...
Either way, YOU ALL ROCK!!!!! and the appreciation and support has always been mutual.
Cheers & I hope you all have a great & productive 2015!

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