VENOM Director Ruben Fleischer Discusses The Dark and Violent Tone of The Film and R-Rating


The trailer for Venom that was screened at Comic-Con for fan seemed to get a lot of fans pumped up. I'm personally not 100% sold on the film. I like the look of Venom in the film, but it's everything else like the script and story that I'm not too sure about. I hope it turns out good, though! 

One thing that director Ruben Fleisher and his creative team are doing is pushing the boundaries of the darkness and violence in comic book films with this one. During an interview with CB, the director was asked if the film is approaching an R-rating and about it's dark and violent tone and this is what he said:

"That's the plan. It is not the plan, that's the movie. Our movie wants to honor the comics as close as we can tonally. In the comics, he bites people's heads off and eats brains. It would be weird to make a movie with Venom if he wasn't doing that. We tried to honor it as closely as possible. This is definitely a darker, more violent, more vicious Marvel character than I think anyone's ever seen before."

We don't know for sure if the film will be rated PG-13 or R yet, but if they really are true to the comics with the insane violence then it will get that R-rating. We'll just have to wait and see. A movie doesn't have to be rated R to be good, though, it just needs to tell a good story, and that's the one thing I'm not sure about on this one. 

The footage screened at Comic-Con did show Venom biting a guys head off, but it was shown in a PG-13 kind of way. Fleisher went on to say, "We really want to honor the comics and the character from the comics and I feel like we did a really good job." Then during the Comic-Con panel Tom Hardy said:

"Venom is, by far, for me the...coolest Marvel super hero that there is. I just like the way he looks first and foremost. Then, also, there's my son and he's a massive Venom fan. He was a very strong influence on me as to why I ought to play Venom specifically...So I did something where I bite people's heads off which my son can't see."

Venom is a crazy dark character and maybe what they are doing with him will work. I just wish that Spider-Man was able to be a part of it. What do you think about what Fleischer and Hardy had to say about the movie here?

Venom is set for release on October 5, 2018

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