VENOM Film Will Reportedly Feature Ann Weying a.k.a. She-Venom and New Details on Venom's Su\

You win comic trivia. You've released info about someone I didn't know about. Ann Weying. I had no idea who that was. I mean, sure, I do now, but it's rare to be introduced to a character from comics that I haven't heard of that might be featured in a Marvel film. But here we are, and she's a big one.

Ann Weying is a successful lawyer and Eddie Brock's ex-wife in the comics. She was shot by some dude and later became She-Venom. Classy title. While there isn't any news that the character will turn into She-Venom in the film, it has recently revealed by The Hashtag Show that Sony is looking for actresses ages 25 to 32 to play the role in the upcoming Venom film.

Not knowing a whole lot about this character, I don't have much to say about it. Of the Venoms, I prefer Flash Thompson to Eddie Brock, but Eddie Brock does have some moments of interest. I wonder if she will play a role of a supportive and romantic interest or as an ex who makes Venom's life harder. Having a hero with family issues could make for an interesting story arc.

The other big news recently revealed has been that the Venom suit will not be the alien being that we know exactly from the comics. You know the parasite from outer space that comes to earth, and then starts making people mad? Also known as the Klyntarr? Nope. Sony is choosing to take a different route with Venom's origin while taking a page out of the Ultimate Marvel handbook.

This version of Venom will be a bio suit created by science. In the comics it was Peter Parker and Eddie Brock's parents who created it together, so it would be assumed that it will be created similarly. 

Some interesting things are definitely afoot for the Venom film. I hope that they still keep the duality of the natures of Venom. That is what makes the comic character compelling. He isn't just one. He's two.

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