VENOM Pulls In $80 Million Opening Weekend For October Record

Movie VenomSonyMarvel by Mick Joest

As analysts predicted, bad reviews could not stop Venom from having a big weekend at the box office. Box Office Mojo predicts the Sony Marvel film pulled in an estimated $80 million domestically, which topped the previous box office record for a film in October set by Gravity in 2013.

Does this mean Venom is a roaring success? Not yet, but it does mean the film was not a flop right out the gate. The true test will be how many people turn out to see the film this coming week, which could hinge on the opinions of those audience members who saw it week one. From what I’ve seen so far the film has its fans, although a bulk of these people seem to agree that turning your brain off is one of the only ways to enjoy this movie. If you’re showing up for a great plot, character development, and anything other than great action, it sounds like you could leave disappointed.

Venom is in theaters right now.

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