VERONICA MARS Creator Believes We'll Eventually See a Miniseries Revival

If you're a fan of Veronica Mars, you'll be happy to hear that creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell still haven't given up on bringing Veronica Mars back as a series. I loved this show, and the crowd-funded movie they made back in 2014 actually turned out to be really great. I'd be extremely happy to see the show get a revival ,and according to Thomas, it seems like it's only a matter of time. We just have to wait for everyone's schedules to align. 

While speaking at the TCA winter press tour, Thomas talked about bringing the series back on a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu. He said:

“We are definitely striving to do it again. And this time around we’re not going to ask the audience to pony up for anything.”

As of right now, he and Bell are busy with other projects, and that is currently the main hold up of making this revival happen.

“We need to find a window where we could both do it. When actors are on network shows, most standard contracts will give them outs for, like, one episode a year of guest-starring. But then there are also sometimes outs if you’re doing something that is non-competitive. Would NBC consider a Veronica Mars thing on, like, Netflix non-competitive? We have not figured that out yet.”

As of right now, Bell is starring in the NBC series The Good Place, and Thomas is the executive producer of the CW hit iZombie. He's also working on developing the series Lost Boys. He said:

“Also, I’m developing Lost Boys. If those things weren’t happening, we might be closer to a Veronica Mars [series]. The Good Place, I think, is going to be on NBC for a while. And if Lost Boys goes, finding that window will be tricky. But we both want to do it.”

Thomas thenshared what he'd like to do with the series and bets on it happening sometime in the future. 

“Kristen and I both want to figure out some way we could do a six-episode Veronica Mars mystery. If I were a betting man, I bet that it will happen. I just don’t know when it will be.”

As a fan of the show, I would love to see this happen! Unfortunately, for now we're just going to have to wait awhile.

Via: TVLine

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