VFX Reel for THE FLASH Showcases Gorilla Grodd Effects

While we patiently wait for the second season of The Flash to premiere, here's a cool VFX reel showing us a breakdown of how some of the special effects from the first season were brought to life. This one features a lot of stuff involving The Flash's battle with Gorilla Grodd from episode 21, "Grodd Lives." That episode recieved a well-deserved Emmy nomination for an Outstanding Special Visual Effects.

I was especially impressed by the realistic CG model of actor Grant Gustin in the Flash costume. When I was watching the series it never even crossed my mind that there would be a CG version of him. TV effects are getting great! The ones in this series were created by Encore VFX, under the direction of supervisor Armen Kevorkian

The is such a great show, and I can't wait for it to return on October 6th!

Via: io9

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