VICIOUS Is an Award Winning Horror Short That's Scary as Hell

I've got a great horror short for you to check out today called "Vicious," and it's pretty damn terrifying. The story revolves around a young woman who is in the process of dealing with the death of her sister. One night she comes home to find her front door unlocked. It turns out that she might not be alone, and things take a very spooky turn.

The film was written and directed by Oliver Park, and not only did I enjoy the story, but the way it was shot definitely enhanced the fear factor. The imagery was wonderfully eerie. I especially loved how he uses imagination to enhance the fear. For example, when I was a kid and there was a pile of clothes thrown onto a chair, when it was dark and I was in bed, those clothes looked like a monster lurking in my room. The creeks and cracks in the old house I grew up in didn't help either! They use those kinds of tricks to tell this horror story, and it's executed perfectly.

If you scare easily, this horror short is definitely going to get you! It does have some jump scares that are handled extremely well. The movie tells a slow burn kind of story that leads to a great finale! Make sure to watch it in the dark with the sound up! 

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