Video Breaks Down How A Solar Flare Can Destroy Humanity

If you've ever read about potential Doomsday scenarios to Earth, you're familiar with the "solar flare" scenario. For those of you who aren't, this is honestly the most probable and preventable way humanity can end. Despite the fact that a solar flare is imminent, we still have no plan for what would happen if the world's entire electrical grid suddenly collapsed. 

The crazy thing already has happened to us once back when the telegraph was the only electrical thing people had! Back then it was no big deal — although rather expensive as all the telegraph wire had to be replaced, but think of what would happen now!

Food production would halt, governments would be unable to communicate, and people would be left to their own devices and act out of fear! 

Think of all the crazy people you know or see on TV who have been stockpiling for years for this type of thing to happen? You're now at their mercy. Scary thought, right? Check out the video below for more consequences of this game changing event. 

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