Video: Cinemassacre Details Why He Will Not Watch The New GHOSTBUSTERS

Cinemassacre has seen many films in theaters, good and bad. He announced today in a detailed video that he will not be watching the new Ghostbusters, even to make fun of it. If you're looking for a specific reason, he has a laundry list of them. The high profile Youtuber (2 Million Subscribers) essentially says he is a huge fan of the original film and will not see a movie that he does not truly see as a "remake." He says the film cannot be a remake as it draws no bridges between the original film other than cameos in which the former actors don't play themselves.

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of Ghostbusters in general, but I can see his perspective when it comes to the remake. When I saw the second Total Recall I thought it could've been a great film...had it not been called Total Recall. The film was so far removed that it would've been better to have never connected the two at all. I don't think the new Ghostbusters is THAT far removed from the source, but it's certainly not what a lot of fans wanted apparently.

Like I said, I was never huge into Ghostbusters to begin with, so I wasn't planning on seeing it either way. Are you skipping like Cinemassacre, or will you watch?

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