Video Details the Two Attempts to Make a JURASSIC PARK Animated Series

Over the years we've seen several popular movies get cartoon series adaptations. It's just something a lot of studios did in an attempt to keep the franchise alive and capitalize on the movie's success. Some of my favorite movie-inspired animated series included The Real GhostbustersBack to the Future, Men in Black, The Karate Kid, and RoboCop. There were a lot of cartoons based on films, and Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park was almost one of them.

We've already shared some concept art and information about the first attempt to make a Jurassic Park animated series, but there were actually two separate attempts to make this happen. ChrisCrossMedia released a fascinating video that offers new details on both those projects and what we could have seen from them. 

As a huge fan of Jurassic Park, I probably would have enjoyed the series had they ever happened. These series sounded pretty ambitious, and it would have been a primetime type series for adults and kids that would have included CG animation elements. After watching this video, I'm kind of bummed out that it never happened. Check out the video below and let us know what you think. Would you have liked to see either of these series come to life back in the day?

Via: /film

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