Video Essay: The Great Dialogue of THE SOCIAL NETWORK

It's not revolutionary to say that the script is the single most important element of almost any movie.* You can cast the greatest actors in the world, but if the story is garbage, there's only so much they can do to elevate crappy material. Dialogue is obviously a key factor of a film's success, but how often do you really stop to think about it? Sure, if a film has flashy one-liners, memorable quips, or a unique style people might be more attuned to it, but by and large, I'd guess most people don't really spend too much time really thinking about what makes good dialogue in a film. 

Allow YouTuber Channel Criswell explain, using David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin's 2010 modern classic The Social Network as a prime example:

*There are some exceptions, of course. Martial arts films, for example, are generally more concerned with choreography and innovative fight sequences, and there are plenty of other examples along those lines.

Via: Sploid

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