Video Examines the Culture of Creating "Passable" Films

Nerdwriter's latest video seems to be his most ambitious and interesting yet. In this video, he explores the culture of "passable films" and why they are made, and while I think he makes some incredible points about what makes films mediocre that I considered before, I think he makes a misstep in his analysis. 

It would appear Nerdwriter writes this theory under the assumption that all films are written, directed, and created for the purpose of becoming iconic or legendary or at the very least leave a lasting impression on the culture of filmmaking when they are done. 

It's all about money. No one writes Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 and says, "I wonder how many Golden Globes this one will snag?!" in an unironic fashion. Of course, there are films that strive to be something greater, but the examples presented in this film are nothing more than money thrown at a formula that works time and time again and made for an audience that wants nothing more than to turn their brain off when watching a film. 

That's completely fine to do by the way! I love watching some cerebral films, but sometimes I just want to see someone get hit in the nuts! That's just my two cents. It's still a good video, but I think he got wrapped up into what he thinks all films should be rather than what they are.  

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