Video: Explore The Sound Design of AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON

When a big blockbuster film hits theaters, fans (myself included) will sometimes consume it and then immediately move on to the next thing. It's a natural thing to do, especially when we often have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to giant summer movies. But before Avengers: Age of Ultron fades too far into the background, let's take a few minutes to appreciate an element that we might not have otherwise given too much thought: the sound design.

A new video from SoundWorks Collection (via The Playlist) dives into the sounds of Joss Whedon's new movie, detailing how the sounds for Quicksilver, Ultron, and more were created. An interview with Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designer Christopher Boyes is intercut with a lot of footage from the film, which is a nice reminder of some of the better sequences from the movie. Man, that Hulkbuster cool.

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