Video Explores the Evolution From Donald Glover to Childish Gambino

There's no denying it, Donald Glover is a renaissance man. His pedigree ranges from first finding viral appeal with Derrick Comedy back in the day, writing for 30 Rock, becoming the new Lando Calrissian, writing and directing his own hit series Atlanta, and becoming an accomplished artist in the music industry. A week ago I would've said "accomplished rapper," but his latest album Awaken My Love is about as much of a departure from rap as you can get...and it's still awesome.

How did one man accomplish so much? As you can see from this video below, it was a constant grind. Since college, he's been working on developing his career and it's paid off dividends for him now. Love or hate him, you have to respect what he's done...and he's only 33! 

This cool video found by Uproxx really breaks down his evolution as a musical artist in a great way, check it out!

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