Video: Fan "Theory" Posits BB-8 is The Key to STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII

I know we don't know much about Star Wars: Episode VIII yet, but YouTuber Jenny Nicholson may have blown the whole thing wide open. Just watch this:

Pretty funny stuff. It's so close to the tone of a real fan theory video that it could almost be convincing. She makes some pretty wild leaps, but it has just enough of that "rhyming" theory in there with Darth Vader worshipper Kylo Ren emulating Vader's love for building droids that I can kind of imagine a case where that part ends up actually being true. But mostly it's just the conviction in which she says all of this stuff that gets me — she plays it totally straight the whole time, which just makes the whole thing funnier.

Via: GeeksAreSexy

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