Video Highlights The Marvel Cinematic Universe without all The Visual Effects

Ever since Marvel Studio has been making movies, we’ve seen a lot of behind-the-scenes videos showing us aspects of the film and what certain scenes would have looked like without all the awesome visual effects.

I’ve always been interested in the movie making process, especially when it comes to the visual effects work that plays a huge role in bringing these kinds of big spectacle films to life. Everything from the digital environments that are created to bringing the digital characters to life.

Today, thanks to Games Radar, we have a video compilation that takes a look back at what the MCU looks like without all the visual effects and eye candy. Some of the stuff that we see here is really incredible. I especially enjoyed seeing the pre-vis of the scene in Avengers: Infinity War where Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Bruce Banner and Wong face off with Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian in New York City outside of the Sanctum Santorum. I would have never thought that scene was not shot in a real city, but they shot the whole thing on a studio backlot with a blue screen background and the whole city was created digitally!

If you enjoy the magical process of bringing movies to life, you’re gonna like this video.

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