Video: Hollywood Sure Loves Making Action Heroines Use the Same Move

If you've been paying attention to mainstream Hollywood action movies over the past twenty years (and I'm guessing that'd be...yep, that'd be all of you), you've probably noticed a gradual increase in the number of ass-kicking female characters who have been able to hold their own. You've also probably noticed that they all tend to use the same move when they're in the middle of a brawl: the between-the-legs takedown. This quick video from Fandor cites eleven movies in under a minute that feature this tactic, and seeing it presented this way, it starts to become apparent that for as progressive as Hollywood sometimes thinks it is, this particular move seems to sexualize these characters to an unnecessary degree. After all, as the video points out, you never see dudes fighting this way. Just something to think about.

Via: Sploid

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