Video of Make-Up Test for Sloth From THE GOONIES Released

goonies sloth.jpg

We have a really cool video for you to check out today that was tweeted out by Eyes on Cinema, the YouTube Channel “that brings you to the sets, suites & interview halls of some of the most influential filmmakers.” They have tons of cool content on their page, but this video they shared a few days ago is really awesome.

While most of us grew up with The Goonies and its beloved characters, not many people knew who played the character Sloth. The actor was unrecognizable in the makeup used to create the lovable hero. Sloth was played by NFL star John Matuszak, and the video below shows Matuszak talking and testing out the extensive prosthetic and makeup used to transform the actor after having it all applied for the first time.

It’s really cool to see behind the scenes for the movie that came out 34 years ago. Now if we could just get a sequel…

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