Video of People Trying New Edible Play-Doh

HumorVideosby Joey Paur

Let's be honest, we've all tried to eat Play-Doh at one point in our lives, right? No? So it was just me? Damn. It's a good thing it was non-toxic or a lot of us might not be here! I don't know why we ate it. The stuff was nasty as hell! Now there's an actual flavored edible Play-Doh type product you can eat.

It comes from the children's art and toy manufacturer, AMAV, and it's an FDA-approved-for-consumption alternative to the nasty doughy products that already exist. The dough is called Edible Sweet Art, it comes in five colors, and it's made with a ton of sugar. According to Gizmodo, "each of the five colors (or one 60 gram serving size) comes in at 250 calories total thanks to a whopping 44 grams of sugar—or almost three times the maximum recommended daily allotment for kids aged four to eight."

I don't know what crazy parents would want to buy that for their kids, but whatever. So what flavors do these colors represent? Gizmodo did a little video test and had people taste the Edible Sweet Art. You can watch that video below, but this was the outcome of the test...

What it was they were or weren't enjoying, however, was a little less certain; other than chocolate (brown) and strawberry (pink), we finished our little experiment with no consensus on the three remaining flavors whatsoever. Was the blue coconut? Is yellow supposed to taste like Pine Sol? Why does white taste like poison? Who knows! Children would subsist on a diet of worms and other people's fingernails if given the option, though, so there's every possibility in the world that their coarse, uncultured palates would find the grainy-textured goop to be mouthwatering. But for everyone else over the age of 12 with visions of reliving their childhood except, you know, better, we recommend not trying to change the past. Never mess with a classic—you're better off just eating Play-Doh.

It really doesn't look or sound like something we'd want to try. I've also included a little commercial for the stuff.