Video of "Real" Spider-Man Web-Shooter

Patrick Priebe has created what is essentially a min harpoon gun, paired with a Spider-Man glove, a trigger activated by Spidey's signature hand pose. It's the closest thing the real world has to a web-shooter. You can hear the electromagnetic prolusion mechanism charge before firing the brass tipped harpoon, as it takes a few seconds to charge I don't imagine someone using this for web swinging anytime soon. The web-shooter also has a laser which is great for aiming. I saw a few times where the laser was hitting his hand, without the laser he might have shot himself and maybe he did, adding the laser as a safety feature. If you are interested in getting a custom built web-shooter you can contact Priebe via his Facebook. This is some great and inventive work by Priebe and I can only imagine the number of geeks now thinking of how to improve this. Thanks to Gizmag for sharing.

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