Video Shows That Google Is Always Listening If You're Using a Microphone and Have It Open

I'm getting an odd sense of deja vu like I've revealed this on the site before, but since it's in the news again, I might as well recall the story. While it's just now coming out that people suspect Google is listening to them when they have it open and a microphone attached, I've KNOWN THAT WAS HAPPENING SINCE 2013!

It's not like a big conspiracy theory or anything, but just something I noticed from my days as working as an on-air personality on radio. In the line of work you're constantly talking about advertisers and stuff they have going on, and despite the fact all the ads we read were on printed paper in front of us to read, advertisements for those businesses would always mysteriously pop up on the computers attached to our on-air microphones.

I've never been able to prove it, and I've even been called paranoid by one former boss. This video makes me feel vindicated, BECAUSE I KNEW THAT SHIT WAS HAPPENING! I mean, it's really just one dude on YouTube corroborating my story with a random test, but still, I'll take the win:

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