Video: The Root of BATMAN V SUPERMAN's Failure is Not Lack of Comedy

I'm a big fan of YouTuber Nerdwriter1 and his analysis on films. Typically he brings ideas to the table that I never previously thought about, but make sense when I hear them. In his latest video, he talks about how people are proclaiming Justice League is a win solely because it has the humor that Batman v Superman lacked.

Nerdwriter says the problems with Batman v Superman didn't lie with taking itself too seriously, but rather that the film is built around moments as opposed to scenes that propel the story forward. Looking at the film now, I can agree with that. The plot takes a backseat to some of the film's larger moments. Batman and Superman meeting for the first time, the first battle, the end...the scenes serve as minimal snippets to fill until the next moment in the film.

While I'm not going to deny I really liked the Justice League trailer, it does leave me wondering if humor is enough to bring this film together in the long run.

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