VILLAINS & LAIRS is a Great DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Supplement to Help Create Side Quests and Bounties

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have a hard time coming up with side quests for my players in Dungeons & Dragons. I put a lot of work into building the main story and then the players don’t do what you expect, and you have to find some new thing for them to do. Well, there’s an unofficial supplement that may be able to help. Villains & Lairs is a supplement from a lot of different authors that has 56 pre-generated NPCs for your players to deal with. Of these 56, 13 of them have details and even maps of their lairs making it super easy to use them for a side quest, bounty, or even a mini boss for your main story. There’s plenty of information regarding the backstories of the characters in addition to their stat blocks lending itself to easy integration into any story.

Villains & Lairs is over 200 pages long and costs $14.95 over at DMs Guild. Maybe my players will run into Jekkam sometime soon.

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