Vin Diesel Is Developing a Procedural Drama for NBC Called FIRST RESPONDERS

NBC has picked up a TV series project from Executive Producer Vin Diesel. It's a procedural drama called First Responders. The series is currently being written and developed by gaming industry vet Jesse Stern, who was a writer on the Call of Duty and Titanfall video game franchises. He has also worked on the TV series NCISVariety offers the following story description of the new series:

First Responders is described as a dynamic, high-action procedural about young veterans struggling to reintegrate into society, while heroically saving civilian lives along the way. The elite team is the best Search and Rescue operation in the country, and is run by husband-and-wife duo, Doc and Lil Pierce, whose Southern California coastal base provides a sense of community and surrogate family for their ex-military staff. While Doc and Lil can save anyone else’s life in the darkest times, they have been unable to find their own son and will stop at nothing to solve the mystery of his disappearance and bring him back home.

This sounds like it could be a cool series. I've known a couple people who have been involved with search and rescue teams, and I've heard some incredible and harrowing stories. I know there are a ton of other stories out there that would make for great stories for a TV series like this. The series has potential, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Diesel isn't expected to appear in the series, he will just act as the Executive Producer. 

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