Vin Diesel Says that Hulk and Groot Will Eventually Fight in the MCU

We know that that the Guardians of the Galaxy will eventually be teaming up with the Avengers to fight Thanos in the upcoming Avengers sequels. One of the most exciting things about this crossover for me is seeing Rocket Raccoon interacting with the likes of Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and the other characters. Now I have something more to be excited about, because according to Vin Diesel, Hulk and Groot are going to end up fighting each other! This is what he had to say about it in an interview with Screen Junkies:

"I know that somewhere in the universe you're going to see Groot and Hulk battle, I know it! Write it down somewhere, you're going to see that posted...Groot versus Hulk."

The actor said this in a "matter of fact" kind of way. He didn't sound like he was messing around at all. He doesn't really say what movie that would be in, I'm just speculating that it could happen in one of the Avengers sequels because that seems like it's the only time that's planned right now for these two worlds will collide. 

I would freakin' love to see Hulk and Groot fight on the big screen! By the time Avengers: Infinity War comes around, Groot should be all grown up again and ready to take on the Green Goliath. 

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