Vintage Style Comic Poster for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY - Fan Made

There's a lot of buzz building around Marvel's upcoming film Guardians of the Galaxy. The movie looks absolutely incredible, and it stars a "bunch of a-holes!" Artist Rob Sciki is adding to the hype with this extremely cool vintage style comic poster that he created. Here's what he had to say about it in an interview with Guard the Galaxy:

"I started with a geeky idea, a thumbnail sketch and the words 'A bunch of A-Hole's' to drive my creative concept forward. Then came some props, a small tripod, a pretty cheap digital camera and my living room and kitchen as a photo studio. I modeled all the poses in the shot and began the long task of laying out the composition in Photoshop. The rest is about 200 or so Frankenstein layers of reference textures, images, and lot's of digital painting to make it all whole. This is a true hybrid piece of pop art! I used everything I taught myself over the years, physical & digital art-wise, that I am truly excited by the finish product."

Marvel should make this an official poster for the film. 

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