Vision is Catching Up on Some Paper Work in Set Photo From AVENGERS 4

Thanks to Mark Ruffalo, we have a new photo of Vision to check out from the set of Avengers 4. In the image, we see Paul Bettany as Vision sitting down to finish up some paperwork. 

One interesting thing that I noticed in the image is that Vision still has the Infinity Stone in his head. This means that when Avengers 4 roles around Thanos still hasn't gotten a hold of all the stones. The stone that Vision is sporting is the Mind Stone. 

At this point, we really know nothing about Avengers 4. I imagine we won't really know anything solid until after Avengers: Infinity War is released. While we wait for the mysteries of the MCU to be revealed, we can always look at photos like this and speculate on what we think it means and what will happen.

@markruffalo took this picture of me catching up on paper work.

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