I think a lot of fans will agree that DC animated shows and movies are amazing. Even if we can’t agree on the state of the live-action DC films, I’m pretty sure we can all agree that the animated projects are great overall. That means that many of us are excited for Justice League vs. the Fatal Five which is due out this year. If you’ve been waiting for an update, I’m happy to announce we know the casting and it won’t disappoint. According to THR, here’s what we’re getting:

  • Faniela Bobadilla – Miss Martian

  • Kevin Conroy – Batman

  • Susan Eisenburg – Wonder Woman

  • Noel Fisher – Braniac 5

  • Elyes Gabel – Thomas Kallor/Star Boy

  • Diane Guerrero – Jessica Cruz/Green Lantern

  • Peter Jessop – Thorak

  • Tom Kenny – Bloodsport

  • Matthew Yang King – The Persuader

  • Sumalee Montano – Emerald Empress

  • George Newbern – Superman

  • Kevin Michael Richardson – Mr. Terrific

  • Philip Anothony Rodriguez - Mano

  • Tara Strong – Saturn Girl

Welp. I’m excited. Honestly, you get Conroy, Eisenburg, and Newbern and it could be the worst writing ever, but I’d watch it. No release date has been given yet for Justice League vs. the Fatal Five, but many are expecting it sometime in Spring 2019.

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