VRV is Bringing HIDIVE to Fill Anime Void Left by Funimation

Crunchyroll and Funimation have announced that their relationship will be coming to an end at the beginning of November. This separation will create an anime void over on VRV and I’m sure many fans are saddened by that. On the bright side, VRV is looking to fill that void with more anime! HIDIVE has teamed with VRV to provide customers with the anime goodness. Here’s the press release from VRV:

“Dear VRV users,

Today we have both good and bad news to deliver. Which would you like first? Okay, the bad…

As you know, Funimation has been a popular channel on VRV since we launched two years ago. Funimation’s dubbed lineup has complemented Crunchyroll’s vast Japanese-language library of anime. Unfortunately, Funimation has decided to go their own way, and our partnership with them will be winding down on November 9th. After that date, you will no longer have access to the Funimation channel as part of the VRV Premium Subscription or as an individual Channel Subscription.

Don’t stop reading here! VRV’s love-affair with anime is as strong as ever—we have good news too, remember?

We are incredibly proud to announce our newest partner: HIDIVE, a dynamic new member of the anime streaming world. Anime favorites from HIDIVE, like Made in Abyss, Food Wars, Elfien Lied, Bloom Into You, and Highschool of the Dead, will be available on VRV in just a couple weeks with their full catalog of 500+ titles soon to follow. One reason you’ve told us that you love VRV is because we have anime both subbed AND dubbed. With HIDIVE’s impressive collection of subs, dubs and simulcasts and Crunchyroll’s unparalleled Japanese-language library, we’re confident that you’ll agree that our anime selection is still the best around.

Please know that VRV is more committed than ever to bringing you the newest and best titles from an ever-growing assortment of channels. Stay tuned as we have even more exciting content announcements coming soon! Thank you for your continued support. And as always, we love hearing from you what additional content you’d like to see on VRV!


the VRV Team”

Here are a couple other details about the new relationship:

“We are proud to announce HIDIVE as the newest channel partner on VRV, with content available to our community within the next few weeks.

HIDIVE is an anime streaming platform offering over 500 titles including beloved and currently-airing series like “Made in Abyss”, "Bloom Into You", and “Highschool of the Dead.”

HIDIVE will offer VRV users a robust library of dubbed anime series, including “Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma” and “Elfen Lied” along with a large catalogue of classic dubs.

VRV is devoted to being a platform that is “everything to someone” not “something for everyone.” We have a few announcements to share before the end of the year, including some surprises from our WarnerMedia family, that will continue to demonstrate our commitment to super serving our community!

VRV is a fandom-focused video platform that bundles fandom channels like Crunchyroll, Rooster Teeth, NickSplat, Nerdist, Shudder and more, alongside exclusive series like "Bravest Warriors," "Killjoys" and "Gary and His Demons."

If you don’t know about HIDIVE, here’s what they are:

“HIDIVE is a streaming service offering subscribers hit titles and a catalog spanning six decades, from the latest simulcasts imported directly from Japan to hidden gems from the golden age of anime. HIDIVE’s unmatched content discovery engine ensures there is always something fresh to watch. The service now features DUBCAST editions, early access to local-language dubs of simulcasts directly produced by HIDIVE available as early as two weeks after the original Japanese broadcast.”

What do you think of this new partnership? Will you be signing up or keeping your VRV subscription?

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