THE WALKING DEAD Season 5 Key Art Hints at the Story Ahead

AMC has released new key art for The Walking Dead's upcoming fifth season, featuring Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes brandishing a weapon in the woods accompanied by the tagline, “Hunt or Be Hunted.” Not much to go on at first glance, but there are some strong hints at what the season will hold. I guess that what follows could be considered spoilers, so don’t keep reading if you don’t want to have what you see on your screen described to you.

First of all, and most obviously, Rick has escaped from the “A” car at Terminus. You can tell because he isn’t locked in a train car. Second of all, he has made his way to the woods behind the compound and reclaimed the weapons he buried — he’s holding his trusty old Colt Python revolver. The last clue is the seemingly innocuous tagline, “Hunt or Be Hunted.” Which is actually a major clue that the people at Terminus are, in fact, the Hunters, the group from the comics who stalk, kill, and eat other survivors. This has been speculated on so much that it was probably already taken as fact, especially considering the piles and piles of human skeletons we saw in the fourth season finale.

So to sum up, Rick has momentarily escaped but is still in danger. That sounds like the show we all know and love. The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, October 12. What do you hope happens this season? 

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