WALKING DEAD's Glen Mazzara to Pen DAMIEN for Lifetime

In the best/worst news we’ve heard in awhile, Lifetime is making an Omen TV show to be called Damien. On the best side of the column, the pilot is being written by Glen Mazzara, the second Walking Dead showrunner, and it will follow an adult Damien Thorn grappling with his destiny, which could be interesting. On the worst side, it’s for Lifetime, the network whose highest profile show is about a single mom giving happy ending massages.

But I have hope for the show. If you’ve ever watched a Lifetime movie, you would know that they specialize in evil men. One time I visited my aunt over Father’s Day weekend, and the network was running a marathon of movies about dads. Only, they didn’t have any movies about good dads. It was all about the dad who faked his own death to abandon his children, or the dad who tried to kill his wife when he found out she was pregnant with a girl, or the dad who beat his children with a rod. So they aren’t going to shy away from Damien’s crimes. And they have been making a push into genre series recently with Witches of East End and The Lottery. They may actually do a good job with this.

Mazzara will write the script and executive produce the series. He is also currently writing The Overlook Hotel, the prequel to The Shining, which we recently reported may be directed by Alfonso Cuarón

The Omen, which starred Gregory Peck and Lee Remick, has already spawned two sequels, two TV movie sequels, a TV miniseries, and a big screen remake. This latest twist on the concept actually looks promising.