Want to Read Joss Whedon's Unproduced WONDER WOMAN Script?

Have you ever wanted to read the Wonder Woman script from Joss Whedon that Warner Bros. rejected? Well, now you can! 

For years fans thought it was crazy that WB never moved forward with Whedon's feature film vision of Wonder Woman. Now that they realize the guy is a talented writer and director, they've hired him on to write and direct Batgirl.

The script is dated August 7, 2006 and it's filled with that Joss Whedon style that his fans love! I would have loved to see this script actually turned into a movie! I think audiences would've enjoyed it. It's kind of a shame and a missed opportunity.

There were some really fun and different elements included in the story. Some of those elements include Wonder Woman being shot by a bullet for the first time; the villain is a male version of Strife, the god of chaos; and Wonder woman gives up her powers for Steve Trevor.

If you want to read the script just click here. Check it out and tell us what you think of it!

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