WARCRAFT - First Photo from the Set

Moon director Duncan Jones is deep into production on his epic big screen adaptation of Warcraft. Jones is the guy in the photo above, and as you can see he's watching a couple of his actors on the monitors while they shoot a scene. 

I don't play World of Warcraft, I just don't have the time to get sucked into that fantasy world. But, I am extremely excited for this movie! I loved the test footage that was screened at San Diego Comic-Con, and I trust that Jones is going give us something amazing. When talking about the his reaction he read the script for the first time Jones said, "It's about both sides. It's going to be red and blue." He then explains that he wants the movie's audience to "feel for the Orc heroes as much as they do the Human ones." It will be interesting to see what kind of story he tells with this. 

Warcraft stars Ben Foster, Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Toby Kebbell, Rob Kazinsky, Dominic Cooper, Daniel Wu, Clancy Brown. The film is set to open up on March 11th, 2016.

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