WARCRAFT Motion Logo and Trailer Description - SDCC 2014

Director Duncan Jones presented some incredible footage at Comic-Con today for Legendary Pictures' upcoming movie Warcraft. The film is currently deep in post-production, and there's still a ton of work that needs to be done to finish the film, but that didn't stop them from showing off a short teaser to get the fans at Comic-Con pumped up to see the movie.

The footage that was shown included narration from two leaders from different clans, the human side and the orc side. What's interesting about this is that neither one seems like a villain. It shows that the movie will be an origin story of sorts that will examine the events and characters that lead to the conflict between the two races, and we'll see it from both of their perspectives — similar to how they portrayed the warring sides in Dawn of Planet of the Apes.

The human leader is played by Travis Fimmel, and in the teaser, through narration, he explains that he has spent more time protecting his king rather than his son. He asks himself if that makes him honorable or a fool. The footage then cuts to the orc leader, who wonders about the things that he has sacrificed in his life in order to protect his people. He talks about his home being destroyed and asks himself the question, “Is war the only way?” 

The footage showed off a lot of the various settings of the story, which are extremely detailed and very colorful. The costumes, the weapons, and the overall look of the film is very cool. Of course, it also teased some brief action sequences of humans fighting orcs, including Ben Foster’s mage character awesomely powering up. There's also a great shot at the end showing Fimmel’s character flying in on a giant eagle into battle..

There's still a lot of visual effects work to be done, and the stuff we saw wasn't 100% polished, but I see the potential and it is spectacular. Fans are going to love this! 

The movie hits theaters on March 11th, 2016. I've included the motion title sequence for the movie that was released below.

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