Warner Bros. Aims to Streamline The Movie Decision Process

It looks like the game of musical chairs is still going over at Warner Bros. It has been reported that Toby Emmerich has been promoted to chairman of Warner Bros. Pictures. This gives him direct access to the CEO of Warner Bros. Entertainment, Kevin Tsujihara. So, what? Big deal. How does this change anything? Well, Warner Bros.' goal with promoting Emmerich and giving him direct access to Tsujihara is to streamline the decision-making process. Before this move, there was a committee approach to making decisions about the movies. Now it appears Emmerich will be able to give the greenlight to movies, and if it’s a problem, Tsujihara will be able to stop it.

That’s not the only change though. Sue Kroll was the marketing chief, but she has been moved over to be a producer. I’m hopeful that this more streamlined approach will help improve things over at the studios. Maybe we’ll be able to get that Martian Manhunter movie now that only one person needs to say yes. Do you think these changes are going to be good for the DC films, bad, or not make a difference?

Source: Den of Geek

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