Warner Bros. is Panning a Huge WONDER WOMAN Oscar Campaign

Wonder Woman was a fantastic film. I absolutely loved it. Is it Oscar worthy? Warner Bros. seems to think it is and they are going to launch a huge awards season campaign for it. They want to be the first comic-book movie nominated for Best Picture. They are also looking to get Patty Jenkins a Best Director nomination. Variety reports: 

This won’t be a cheap endeavor, as the road to the Oscars keeps getting costlier. Big dollars are spent on taking out advertising, making watermarked DVDs, setting screenings, and paying for talent to travel to both coasts, to remind voters how hard they suffered for their craft.

They believe the film has a shot, and you know what? It probably does! The movie was a surprising success that the studio wasn't expecting. It made over $781 million world wide at the box office. On top of that, it's a female driven film, which gives it an edge in Hollywood.

The studio’s efforts will include reintroducing the film this fall, to scarce few who may not have seen it. Insiders report strong reactions to the screening of “Wonder Woman” at the Academy, as it’s been championed by a liberal Hollywood and a reinvigorated wave of feminism in response to Donald Trump. But the movie’s glow could diminish if the mashup tentpole “Justice League,” which comes out in November and co-stars Gadot, gets ripped to shreds by harsh reviews.

If Wonder Woman does get nominated... awesome! I do have to say that a couple other genre films I'd like to see get nominated this year are Logan and War For The Planet of the Apes. Those films were incredible! Who knows if the Academy will even recognize any of these films. But, I guess with the all the younger talent being brought into the Academy as voters, there's a better chance now than there ever was. 

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