Warner Bros Not Moving Forward With Ben Affleck And Henry Cavill Superhero Films

A new report from Variety says Warner Bros. is re-evaluating their superhero universe, and that future projects involving Henry Cavill’s Superman or Ben Affleck’s Batman are off the table for now. Of course, we’ve learned the studio is expected to recast Affleck’s Batman, and with no Superman film on the horizon, one would think Cavill is too big of a talent to sit around twiddling his thumbs waiting to hear about his next project.

It’s a shame WB couldn’t build a franchise around Ben Affleck and Cavill’s performances, but I’m hoping the quicker they officially cut the cord and commit to a new idea the sooner we can put this behind us and get another fresh take on the heroes. I am wondering what this means for Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash though. While their movies may still be on the way, one would think any future Justice League films with the team are up in the air. We’ll just have to wait and see what Warner Bros. says!

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