Warner Bros. Studios Is Giving a FRIENDS-Themed Thanksgiving Backlot Tour This November Only!


Warner Bros. is adding a new backlot tour to its schedule this November, and this tour is focused on the hit series Friends! The series always had fantastic Thanksgiving episodes, like the one with Brad Pitt, the one with Monica wearing a turkey on her head, and many more.

This tour will highlight the “Friendsgivings” and will even include a fancy Thanksgiving dinner at the end. The studio tour will last 90-minutes and will stop by iconic spots from the show, like the place where Phoebe went running with Rachel in the park, the Friends’ hangout, Central Perk, where fans can sit on the famous couch, and the fountain from the intro, where you can actually grab an umbrella and go nuts singing, “I’ll be there for youuuuuu” to your heart’s content.

The whole thing ends up at the studio restaurant where the cast used to eat their meals, and the chef will create a delicious meal for the guests. The ticket will cost you $139, and has tours available on November 2, 9, 16, 23, 29 and 30 at 10:30am, 1pm and 3:30pm at Warner Bros. Studios.

But what I want to know is… will they be serving Monica’s Thanksgiving sandwich, including the moist maker? Because, if so, just take my money already.

Will you be attending Friendsgiving this year?

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