Watch 10 Minutes of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 B-Roll

JoBlo got their hands on a ton of B-roll footage from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It might be a little bit spoiler, because it’s behind the scenes footage of the cast and crew filming a lot of things. There’s little or no context, but you can probably piece some things together.

I really love watching B-roll because it shows the lie of moviemaking, especially on a big budget action film like this one. It gives away all their tricks, but some how it doesn’t kill the magic. Even though I know how the process works, I still watch movies and think, "How did they do that?!" Here’s how they do it: They shoot him, then her, then them together, then they shoot the big thing, then they add some stuff in post and edit it all together, and it’s a movie. I love it.

So check out this footage, and see if you can decipher any new snippets of dialogue while we Americans wait for the real thing to finally hit our movie screens on May 2. If you are practically anywhere else in the world, check it out and reminisce about the movie you already saw.