Watch: 10 STAR WARS Movie Scenes You've Never Seen

The creativity of George Lucas's Star Wars inspired a level of fanaticism that redefined what being a fan truly meant. Not only were people captivated by the world building, the special effects, and the storytelling, but it also galvanized multiple generations of would-be filmmakers to follow their dreams and become directors, cinematographers, FX artists, actors, and writers. I imagine a decent chunk of the GeekTyrant readership would classify themselves as massive Star Wars fans, and the rest would at least acknowledge a passing appreciation for the films. But only the most diehard fans probably know about all ten of these scenes from the franchise that ended up on the cutting room floor.

ScreenRant is back with a new video, and as someone who likes the movies but never devoted my childhood to playing with every toy or writing my own fan fiction, this was all new information to me. Maybe some of these will be new for you, too. Sound off in the comments and let us know how many of these moments you already knew about.

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