Watch 2-Hours of Original STAR WARS Deleted Scenes and Alternate Footage

For all you Star Wars fans who have a couple of hours to kill today, I suggest you check out these two videos that feature about two hours of deleted scenes and alternate footage from George Lucas' original Star Wars Trilogy. 

This footage was all edited together as a fan-made documentary film by Garrett Gilchrist. He calls it Star Wars: Deleted Magic. There's a ton of stuff here that I've never ever seen before, and there's a pretty good chance most of you haven't seen either.  Here's what the creator of the doc said:

Deleted Magic is a feature-length documentary about the deleted scenes of the Star Wars trilogy, and about how the movies we know and love were made and edited together. It is taken from information, sources and home videos officially released by Lucasfilm. This project is not an official Lucasfilm project - it is an unofficial, not-for-profit research project, done in the spirit of fun by a Star Wars fan to be both informative and entertaining.
The idea is to combine all sorts of alternate, deleted and making-of footage into a full-length film that gives a better view of how the film we know as Star Wars was edited together. In addition to deleted scenes like the Biggs Darklighter material, you'll get a sense of the "Lost Cuts" of the films ... the longer edits that didn't have finished voices or effects.

This is definitely a must watch for any fan of Star Wars! Enjoy the footage! 

Via: Gizmodo

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