For those of you who can't wait until March 25th to watch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I've got six new clips from the film for you to watch right now. Most of them are pretty damn awesome, and they give you a better sense of the what the film will be like. It looks to me like Zack Snyder nailed it. 

The first clip features Lex Luthor talking to Superman about how excited he is to see him fight Batman to the death. Clip number two offers us an extended look at Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent's interaction at the party scene. The third clip centers on Lois Lane, who is talking to Perry White about a story regarding an untraceable bullet used during a desert firefight. In the fourth clip, Bruce is talking to Alfred about how pissed off his is at Superman and that he needs to be taken out. The fifth clip show Superman and Batman battling it out on a city rooftop. Then in the final clip, Bruce confronts Diana about how stealing is not polite.

These are worth watching if you're excited for the movie, and they should tide you over until the movie is released in about a week.

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