Watch a 1980 Interview With Billy Dee Williams as He Spoils a Major EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Plot Point

I guess people didn't really worry that much about spoiling big movies back in the 1980s. Case in point, Billy Dee Williams appeared on The Today Show and while talking about The Empire Strikes Back, he was just casually dropping some major spoilers! 

If we had the internet back then and he revealed that Han Solo was captured by Boba Fett and he would have to be rescued in the third movie, the internet would explode with fans losing their minds over how he could reveal something like that.

Maybe some fans did lose their minds! They just had no place to really vent about it, other than with their friends or at work. 

In the interview below, after the interviewer can't pronounce Lando Calrissian's name, she reveals that Lando is a bad guy in the movie. Then Williams goes on to reveal that he has to go save Han Solo's life from Boba Fett the bounty hunter. That's a pretty huge deal! 

Regardless of the spoilers, it's fun to watch this interview as Williams also talks about what it was like to work on the film with Darth Vader, George Lucas, and seeing the whole film brought to life for the first time. 

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