Watch a Full Semi-Truck Jump Over a Formula 1 Race Car

Videosby Free Reyes

This post isn't really geeky in nature, but it's so insane I had to share it. Someone had the bright idea of taking a semi-truck with a trailer jumping it over a Formula 1 race car, while both of them are running at full speed. With Lives and money as risk, this crazy idea is now a world-record with an 83 foot and 7 inch jump completed with trailer intact. Because you're basically destroying a semi-truck, I'm guessing it's a record that will be uncontested for a while. 

Mike Ryan and Martin Ivanov are the stunt drivers who pulled off the feat. I'm not sure what drugs the EMC and Lotus F1 marketing team are on but I'm guessing is a hallucinogen.

H/T: Speed Society, Laughing Squid

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