Watch a Great Documentary on the Making of John Carpenter’s THE THING

A new documentary focuses on John Carpenter’s classic sci-fi horror film The Thing. This movie scared the shit out of me when I first saw it when I was growing up. This film is so incredible in so many ways, especially with the use of practical effects. It’s some of the best that we’ve ever seen on film.

This doc is called The Thing: Terror Takes Shape, and it was created by Daniel Barros. It focuses on the making of the horrific and intense thriller. It basically offers fans everything they ever wanted to know about The Thing, so it’s definitely worth watching when you get a chance.

Boing Boing recently posted a tribute the 1982 film, and had a quote from Richard Kaufman recalling how the movie come out of nowhere, and then over time grew into the awesome cult classic film that it became:

" was a failure at the box office and attacked by the critics. Much like 'Blade Runner' (ironically released on the same day), time has been kind to 'The Thing' and it is now recognized for the morbid masterpiece of wretched existential horror that it is.
"It is the anti-'E.T.'
"Nothing to feel good about here, folks.
"And the greatest thing of all is that no one expected it. The trailers gave little away in advance and it showed us things which no one had seen before. There was genuine terror in the theater that night. Social media, YouTube, and bit torrent sites have robbed us of the overwhelming terror of the unexpected."

Now enjoy the doc!

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