Watch Adam Savage Build Chewbacca's Bandolier in One Day Build

Adam Savage is back at it again with another "One Day Build"! This time he takes us through the process of building Chewbacca's bandolier from Star Wars. The bandolier is the belt that Chewy wore around his shoulder across his torso. It's normally worn by military or paramilitary forces as well as mercenaries and others who needed large stores of ammunition, grenades, and other supplies. 

Time for some Star Wars prop building--Adam Savage makes an upgrade to one of his favorite costumes! Adam's never been satisfied with the original bandolier strap and satchel he made for his Chewbacca cosplay, so today he fabricates new ones from scratch with metal and leather. And of course Adam hides an easter egg into this Wookiee prop!

I always enjoy watching Savage build things like this. I hope he gets another weekly TV show sometime in the near future of him building stuff because I could watch that all day!

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