Watch Adam West and Corey Feldman in a Bad 2001 Horror Film Called SEANCE

Back in 2001 Adam West and Corey Feldman starred together in a laughably bad independent horror movie called Seance. The film was written and produced by Rick Vasquez, who spent a million dollars making the movie. It was never released, though, because of how bad it turned out to be.

I won't lie, this was a really hard movie to get through, but it is interesting, and it has that curiosity factor going for it. The film is perfect for a Mystery Science Theater 3000/RiffTrax event, though! Here's a note that came along with film:

“Seance” (aka Killer in the Dark) was [written] and produced by Rick Vasquez. It was filmed in the year 2001 (entirely in the Antelope Valley!) with an intended theatrical or DVD release, but was lost in distribution hell. Finally, 14 years later, it is viewable for the first time ever here on YouTube.

Feldman plays a young man who contacts a spirit that haunted him and his brother when they were little kids. As you might expect from a horror movie, things go terribly wrong and people start to die. It was based on Vasquez and his brother's own experience with a ghost when they were kids.

This is what Vasquez had to say about working with Feldman and West on Reddit:

“Corey is believable, sensitive, exceptional performance. It is the best film Corey Feldman has ever done.” 
“We called Adam [West] ‘one-shot Adam’ because he could do every take perfectly in one shot. Everyone’s childhood hero became our hero on set.” 

If you decide to watch the whole thing, you'll find the the movie is more funny than it is scary, but that wasn't Vasquez's intention. The best part of the film was West, who just looked like he was having a fun time with such awful material to work with. 

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