Watch an Interesting Proof of Concept Short Film For a RESIDENT EVIL TV Series

Back in 2015, filmmaker Shawn Lebert teamed up with Mance Media to create a TV series called Arklay, which is based on the hit video game franchise Resident Evil. They ended up producing a proof of concept short film to help sell the series, but nothing ended up happening with it. That short film, which is called Dave has been released online, and it seems like this would have made a decent series. Here's the description that came along with the short:

DAVE is a proof of concept short film about Detective James Reinhardt and Samantha Trace, as they arrive on the scene regarding the puzzling death of Reinhardt’s brother, Dave. The investigation leads to results that may just in fact haunt them for the rest of their lives.

What's interesting is that even though this is based on Resident Evil, there is no mention of the T-Virus, Umbrella Corp, or anything also that is related to Resident Evil. That's ok, though, the series would have been set before the events of the first game and it would have focused on the murders that took place while things were being uncovered about Umbrella Corps Bio-Organic Weapons program.

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