Watch: BACK IN TIME Trailer Features New Interviews With BACK TO THE FUTURE Cast and Creators

We're dangerously close to experiencing peak Back to the Future this year with all of the coverage of the film's 30th anniversary. But that milestone has also been the impetus for some pretty cool remembrances of Robert Zemeckis' time travel classic, and perhaps none more impressive than a new documentary about the movie called Back in Time.

We saw an early trailer for the movie about six months ago, but now there's a new one out that features new interviews with the cast and creators of the movie. The documentary hits theaters and VOD on "Future Day," October 21st of this year, and it looks like a must-watch for any BTTF fan.

The documentary film Back in Time is, at its heart, a look at the very real impact the Back to the Future movies have had on our culture. What was once a little idea that spawned a tightly-focused documentary has grown into something truly amazing over two years of filming. Back in Time is a cinematic monument to the vastness of the trilogy’s fandom. In addition to the footage and interviews revolving around the time machine itself, the crew found that simply by delving into the impact of the trilogy an epic journey began to unfold before them. The crew captured countless hours of footage during filming. From Steven Spielberg to Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale, to the Sheas and Hollers, and from James Tolkan and Lea Thompson to Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox, Back in Time features interview after interview that simply must be seen.
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