Watch: Billy Mitchell Promises Evidence He Didn't Cheat In New Video


Last week, Twin Galaxies and the Guinness Book of World Records announced Billy Mitchell had been stripped of his high score titles after an investigation confirmed he had been using illegal emulation software to gain his high scores. Now, Mitchell has released a statement regarding the controversy, and has claimed he has evidence that his records are legit:

I'm curious as to who these "witnesses" are and what level of proof Mitchell has towards the legitimacy of his records. I also find it curious he referred to Twin Galaxies as the "new regime," as I'm assuming that means someone took over the business from Walter Day, who seemed all in on Mitchell's side in the documentary. Do you think Mitchell is telling the truth and that his evidence is relevant enough to get his records back, or do you think this is another VHS tape in the trunk incident like in King of Kong?

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